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Opening the Door to

Posted by hansmuller on June 12, 2003 at 11:17 AM PDT

If you've been traveling for a long time, opening the final door is an
perspective changing experience that happens so fast that it's easy to
miss. After driving and waiting and getting on the plane and then a
bus and then renting a car and getting lost and getting directions and
then finding the address (had trouble parking) and you knock and the
door opens and the person on the other side says hello and welcome.
Like you might have just walked over from next door.

The debut of
feels like that. It's been a long (I'm not going to insert "strange") trip
between the early days of Desktop Java and finally having a focal point
where we can all visit and share and complain
and inspire. We've always been
a big community, however sometimes it was hard to see it all at once because
the work we do is very diverse and it's nicely distributed all over the world. It's
great to have a place to visit and see it all. Which brings me to the point of this
blog, which is bragging about all of the amazing Desktop Java applications that
I've heard about.

An old friend of mine works nearby at the NASA/AMES facility in
Mountain view and he's part of the crew building the software for Mars
Exploration Rover (MER) mission that launched just yesterday.
The scientists who'll be monitoring the Mars data will use a
nice Swing application called Collaborative Information Portal (CIP)
that provides access to all of the data, including stereo images, as
well as project management tools for dealing with all of the schedules
and tasks required for keeping the mission humming. Scientists will
be able analayze the Mission data collaboratively using an amazing
Swing desktop called "MERBoard". It's hosted on huge plasma touch
screen displays and scientists at different locations can work
together at reviewing and annotating and talking over the data.
The folks at NASA told us about another desktop Java app that was
developed for this mission down at JPL. It's called Science Activity
Planner (SAP) and it's used to create the programs that are uploaded
to the Mars Rovers each day. We haven't seen this one yet however the
word "cool" came up repeatedly. As soon as I can figure out how to
include pictures in this blog, I'll add a CIP screenshot or two and a
few pictures of the MERBoard in action.

So it's great to finally arrive here at Where's the beer?

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IO am just newbie in learning java, so hopefully, this idea ...

IO am just newbie in learning java, so hopefully, this idea will help on my learning process. I am looking for more info and other resources of any java related learning and tutorials.