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Desktop Java: Over Three BILLION Videos Served

Posted by hansmuller on July 20, 2004 at 3:26 PM PDT

Just in case you haven't been paying attention, I'd like to remind
you about our purpose. The reason we toil at our keyboards creating the
software that is the world wide web on the internet. The reason we
march countless neuron armies towards certain slaughter at the hands
of ephemeral monsters like XForms and javax.swing.text and CSS 2
revision 1. It's all about advertising. Your paycheck? Advertising.

Oh no you say, I'm paid to create some highly technical XML based
modeling software that's used by developers to create web services for
the remote administration of rack mounted blinking lights for doubly
encrypted data center illumination. That's the parochial perspective.
What you do is all part of an enormous interconnected technology
ecosystem that's propelled by just a few sources of cash that come
from the truly outside. One of them is advertising.

Advertising is why sometime later this summer several hundred very
smart engineers at Google are going to be queuing up for large BMWs
and personal wealth managers. Advertising is why content is king,
advertising pays for the kingdom. What you may not realize is that
Java applets are playing a vital role in delivering advertisers'
messages directly to your visual cortex - with video.

I have to admit that until recently if I was asked about Java applets
that targeted consumers (that is, everyone else), I would have brought
up games or education or banking. At JavaOne I met David Breckling
from EyeWonder and heard all
about video banner ads. What's amazing about video banner ads is how
widely used they are. Using a compact (only 68K!) applet player
EyeWonder has delivered over three billion video "impressions" for all
kinds of blue chip clients, including Sun, AOL, Intel, and Volkswagen.
The sample videos on EyeWonder's href=""> showcase
page all run for about 30 seconds. If that's typical we're
talking about well over 170,000 years worth of video. Pretty

So the next time a fellow developer asks you about consumer facing
Java, or Java in web advertising, you can tell them not to worry.
Java is already a part of their paycheck.

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