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A Brief Report from JavaOne Japan

Posted by hansmuller on November 9, 2005 at 7:32 AM PST

Big JavaOne Tokyo Sign

This year, JavaOne Japan is during the week of November 7th in a jaw
dropping venue called Tokyo International Forum. On Tuesday

Scott Violet
, Josh
, and I made two presentations based on Desktop Java
talks from the San Francisco JavaOne: Extreme GUI Makeover, Episode 1:
Lookin' Good, and Extreme GUI Makeover, Episode 2: Runnin' Fast.

Sessions at JavaOne Japan are shorter, just 45 minutes, and the
presentations are translated into Japanese in real-time. Before each
session we met with the translators to go over technical terms and
other jargon. The translators work in pairs because the job is a bit
of a mental sprint, so they shift the work back and forth. They always
advise us to follow two simple rules: speak slowly, pausing between
slides to allow them catch up, and don't tell jokes. Not being funny
just comes naturally, however it's tough to speak slowly when you're
trying to cram 60 minutes of material into a 45 minute session. We
tended to start out at a sensible pace and then gradually accelerate
to the point where the last slide sounded like it was delivered by
Alvin and the Chipmunks. After the first talk we met the
translators in the corridor. The culture here is polite and friendly
and I think they abhor violence. Still, I was glad that the
translators didn't have a club handy.

Here are the important sites and documents we referred to during the
talk. The San Francisco versions of both talks are available online

Romain Guy developed some of the special effects shown in the "Lookin' Good"
presentation and he's been writing about them
in his jroller blog
as well as his blog on
The code for some of the special effects is available now
from the
SwingFX project
The animation framework used to animate the button and window
backgrounds was written by Chet Haase and is the basis of an open
source project at

The Mustang splash screen API is documented in this tutorial

And you can download an early access build of Mustang

Scott Violet's in-depth article about performance tuning
applications with large JTables is available on

Christmas Tree Applications

The SwingWorker API, for moving work from the event dispatching thread
to a worker thread, has been extensively documented. The latest
documents and downloads can be found at

The latest beta release of NetBeans includes support for href="">performance
tuning and the new href="">Matisse
Swing GUI designer. You can download NetBeans from href="">
Information about configuring the GC, for example to reduce
startup time by making the heap big enough, can be
also found on the netbeans site:

Three other bloggers have covered the Extreme GUI talks at JavaOne
Japan: Charles Ditzel: href="">
Live From Tokyo: Extreme UI Makeover - A Great Talk on Developing
Powerful Desktop Apps and John O'Conner:

JavaOne Tokyo '05: Extreme GUI Makeover
and Greg Sporar from the NetBeans team:

JavaOne Tokyo, Day One
. Scott, Josh and I appreciate the coverage and the photos (thanks John)!

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