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Javapolis Session Interrupted by Marriage Proposal

Posted by hansmuller on December 17, 2006 at 4:34 PM PST

Javapolis Session Interrupted by Marriage Proposal

Javapolis 2006


spent most of last week at the Javapolis conference in Antwerp
Belgium. With nearly 3000 attendees, it's the second biggest
Java conference after JavaOne, and it's held in a movie cineplex
complex called "Metropolis". The venue delivers large halls,
comfortable seats (with beverage caddies!), and dramatic
lighting. Half of each enormous movie screen is devoted to a
live image of the presenter and the camerawork is quite good,
pausing for a dramatic closeup now and then. My laptop wasn't
working correctly so I had to turn around periodically, to
visually sync up with my slides. That meant that the audience
was treated to six linear feet of my balding hemisphere glowing
in the klieg lights. I was thankful that everyone put up with
that, and also with my raspy voice. I'd managed to pick up a
cold the day before leaving, and only hours before I was
scheduled to speak, I could do little more than croak and
wheeze. Things were somewhat better by the showtime, however
from the sound of my voice you might think I'd spent the day
smoking heavily and shrieking.

My presentation topic was JSR-296 "Swing Application Framework".
If you're interested, there's a copy
Within a few months you'll find a nicely edited slides-and-video
version of the presentation on href="">, thanks to
Stephan Janssen, the tireless Javapolis organizer. And when it
appears, do not miss the finale. As Richard Bair and I finished
up a demo of a prototype of the Application Framework
in NetBeans, Stephan appeared and asked to
interrupt the proceedings for a special announcment. He picked
up the microphone and asked a woman who's name I didn't catch to
come forward. Sure enough, a tall young blonde woman came to
the front, looking nonplussed. After a brief pause, a young man
wearing a suit came loping down the aisle and in a moment he was
facing the woman and making a declaration of some kind in Dutch.
She looked pretty nervous and, not knowing where this was all
going, we started feeling a bit anxious too. Until he dropped
to one knee and assumed the international marriage proposal
position. Then we really started to worry, because
here was a situation that could only end really well, or really
badly. The woman was crying (uh oh) and smiling (whew!), and
then nodding her head, and to everyone's relief, we had a happy
betrothal. The couple bounded up the steps to a nice round of
applause, and Richard and I tried to remember what it was we'd
been talking about.

The Javapolis conference was memorable as always. One evening
the organizers arranged for enough french fries and mayonaise to
serve 3000 (that's a lot), they showed the new James Bond movie,
Mark Fleury performed his keynote dressed up like Flavor Flav,
Sun raffled away a Nintendo Wii, the technical sessions were
solid, and, mine was interrupted by a proposal of marriage.
With a happy ending.

Merry Christmas!

Update: Stephan Janssen has published the video, you'll find it here:

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