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Application Framework Prototype Bows

Posted by hansmuller on January 30, 2007 at 8:03 AM PST

I've made a prototype of the fledgling JSR-296 API available,
it's href="">
There's a quick overview doc and downloads of the source code,
the javadoc, and the AppFramework.jar file. If you're
interested in this API, please take a look at the overview, and
download the code and then take a look at some of the examples
and the javadoc. You can post feedback here or, if you want to
participate in the long-term discussion, subscribe to the "users" mailing list:
The users alias is the last one listed.

That's all I really wanted to say. I don't want to make too
much of a commotion about this version of the design because
there's still quite a bit that remains to be done. I was hoping
that this would be a sort-of stealth release: not
terribly noticeable, unless you know where to look. On the
other hand, I know there are Swing developers who aren't members
of the JSR-296 expert group, who'd like to take stock of where
this project is going. And I know there are experienced Swing
developers out there, some of whom have built their own
application frameworks, that would like see how this one
measures up. I'd welcome feedback from anyone who's interested
and I'll promise to respond promptly, unless you bring up a
really difficult issue or a really large number of them. That
might take longer.

Note also: the JCP defines a milestone called "Early Draft
Review" that means the expert group thinks the spec is complete
enough to begin fine tuning. We have not reached that milestone