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Introducing Java Web Services / WCF Interoperability

Posted by haroldcarr on January 26, 2006 at 12:45 PM PST

Hello. My name is Harold Carr. I'm the engineering lead for


Java Web Services

interoperability project with


Windows Communication Foundation


We initially unveiled this project in

November 2005

Sun engineers are interacting with Microsoft engineers to ensure
interoperability in areas such as reliable messaging, security and
atomic transactions.

In upcoming blog entries I will provide details of our interop
work, let you know when we make releases (i.e., early access, beta and
FCS), show you how to use those releases and answer any questions you
may have.

When we start making releases you will be able to download our
bits as part of the

Java Web Services Developer Pack

In fact,


(i.e., JSR 261),



APIs for


Web Services Addressing,

is available in the developer pack now. Try it out and let us know
how it goes. You will be seeing much more in the future. I'll give you
an overview of what's in the pipe in a future post.

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