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Notes from Monday Semantic Technology Conference

Posted by haroldcarr on June 16, 2009 at 11:00 AM PDT

Here are my notes from Monday at

Evening Conference Sessions 5:00PM - 6:00PM
The Site Is the API: Developing Web Sites for the Semantic Web
Yergler, Nathan R., Creative Commons
Technology - Intermediate
Semantic Case Studies and Web 3.0

Programs should be able to answer questions about licensed works.
- what is the work's license?
- commericial use allowed?
- derivative works allowed
- how to atrributed the work?

RDFa embedded in suggested HTML for chosen license.

CC network

Registry Requirements
- Allow users to "claim" a work.
  Id works by URL (wildcard claiming:*)
- Info available to others
- Allow apps to query registrations
- Allow creators to mark works as "registered"

Deed Requirements
- Integrate reg info on CC Deeds
- Support regs other than CC network
- Allow others to integrate

Prior Art - Attribution Metadata
- Users can assert a name and URL for Attribution
- CC encoded in generated HTML
- CC deeds look at the Referrer to find this
- Use/Consume RDFa

Prior Art - Retrieving RDFa
- Same-domain restriction complicates thing
- We could parse RDFa client side if not for that restriction
- Developed a "scraper appl
  Takes a URL, Retrieves ...

How to Register WOrk
- ID by URI, Title, License URL
- Publish a singe page per Registration
- A Registration may include multiple works

Interface considerations
- Javascript is limited to progressive enhancement
- RDFa builds on existing DOM
- Could insert RDFa with Javascript but increases demand on consumers

- sioc:owner_of, sioc:has_owner, sioc:name, sico:member_of, dc:title

Query registrations
- Look up by URI
- Discovery
- Publish assertion about service


Validating Registrations
- Really about adding trust

Network Membership Badge

The Deeds are an application

Metadata instead of coupling
- Deeds request metadata from the referring page
- ....

General Principles
- Using templates - so make them useful for software
- Voacab mix-n-match is fine
- If market leader - commit to minimum set of info.
- Persistent URIs


Science Commons
- Similar to Attribution work

RDF as a Lingua Franca: Key Architectural Strategies
Booth, David, Cleveland Clinic
Technology - Introductory
Systems Integration

1 RDF Message Semantics
2 GRDDL transforms from XML to RDF
3 REST-based SPARQL endpoints
4 Semantic Data Federations
5 Named graphs
6 Monotonicity

GLOZE : Performs XML <-> RDF

Sets of RDF data can be bundled as named graphs
Query strategy can pull in only the named graphs that are needed.
Graphs can overlap and/or be merged if necessary

nonmonotonic : data change invalidates everything downstream
               tightly coupled
               EG: Patient123 highBloodPressure true.
monotonicity : new data added freely; easier versioning; robust
               EG: Patient123 highBloodPressure true at 12:22PM 23-Aug-2007

W3C paper on N-ary relations

Use timestamps on observations

Evening Events 6:00PM - 8:00PM

Data Portability and The Semantic Web
Barbosa, Daniela, DataPortability Project/ Dow Jones
Saad, Chris, JS-Kit
Technology - Introductory
Business & Marketplace
oauth (e.g.,  instead of giving username/password to flickr)
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