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Kynetx Impact Conference - notes - morning day 1

Posted by haroldcarr on November 19, 2009 at 6:33 PM PST

9:00-9:45 AM
The Intention Economy: What Happens When Customers Get Real Power
Doc Searls
Sr. Editor of Linux Journal
Author of The Cluetrain Manifesto.

I only caught the tailend - stuck in traffic.

10:00-10:45 AM
The Forgotten Edge: Building a Purpose-Centric Web
Dr. Phil Windley
Kynetx Founder/CTO & author of the book, Digital Identity

The Forgotten Edge

The Internet Landrush: Get your online property!

Formula for online success
- get an good address
- build a killer site
- advertise
- make it sticky
- convert traffic into sales
- repeat

Location metaphor has led us to focus attention on servers (silos)
Some sites try to be "portal" into X (pet food, news) : aggregation
But the EDGE (the client) is what counts.

The metaphor of purpose is better than metaphor of location.

- Enable you AAA discount card in browser.
- Now search for a product in google.
- Results are tagged (with an icon) : sites that have AAA discounts

- Look for book in library
- Turn on library lookup card
- Do amazon search for book
- Normal amazon result + popup that shows it is available in your library
- click on popup takes you to library page

Focus on purpose requires a client perspective.
The browser is the only place that sees all places you visit.
Start a business to create MEANING (not money)

Others in this space (besides Kynetx):
- Gist, SwitchBook, GoogleToolbar SideWiki, AdaptiveBlue

Kynetx: context automation framework.

Location/Intention: go and get   / cookies / Organization
purpose/intention: do and know  / selector / Individual

Brief history of identity
- 1993 none
- 1995 cookies
- the end

When location is metaphor then cookies are good enough

Cookies are for intra-site context.
Cookie cannot handle cross-site context.

InfoCard is important component to purpose-based context.

Cross-site identity enables purpose-based context

Personal Communications Model:
- Individual tell organization

Only individual can tell us their intention.
Everything else is guesswork.

Purpose matters more than location
Choice matters more than control
Context matters more than content
Relationships matter more than transactions
Loyalty matters more than "time on site"
Individuals matter more than demographics
  (what you want not that you are a white male)

How much of your local paper/site contains content that you can't get
anywhere else?

What about clients that don't have infocard selectors now?
- Concentrating on browser (low hanging fruit)
- Coming: thunderbird, outlook, mobile, telephony

What about browser vendors?
- how to get people to download browser (card selector) extensions?
- incentive

11:00-11:45 AM
Building Purpose-Centric Apps with KRL - Basic
Sam Curren, Kynetx Lead Developer

Kyntex Network Services
- collection of all services Kyntex provides to your service

Kyntex Rule Language
- reactive to context of user

Dual Execution Environment
- some runs on service
- some runs on client

Hello World demo via

Choose a site.
Set up regex rules that match patterns in URLs
popup a window when match

Can add conditions (e.g., weather, income, location)