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My OSCON 2012 Tuesday

Posted by haroldcarr on July 17, 2012 at 10:54 PM PDT

OSCON Tuesday July 17, 2012

live streaming

2 1:30pm Build Social and Personal Data Apps using the Open Source Singly Platform

Jeremie Miller

Thomas Muldowney

Personal Data Platform


Running an example:

doing node_express_skeleton (above)
create app
   URL          : localhost:8043
   callback URL : localhost:8043/callback

# for backpack (above):
# npm install express querystring request sprintf async node-native-zip

# for skeleton
npm install express querystring request sprintf oauth ejs

node app.js <your app client ID> <your app client SECRET>

# for backpack
# localhost:8442

# for skeleton

3 6:00pm Exhibit Hall

4 8:00pm Party at Puppet Labs