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Will federate databases die out?

Posted by herkules on March 4, 2005 at 8:34 AM PST

These days I'm fooling around with some database technologies.

Just one thing came to my mind when I was observing my own daily work. Do I query federate databases often? No, I don't. Instead I use google. That's my standard query tool and it is really powerful. Everybody does. Nobody can live without any more.

Today, federate databases are the backbone of most applications. They maintain prestructured data to answer prestuctured queries leading to prestructured results in fixed-form user frontends (well, roughly :) ).

Maybe even more valuable data (or should I say knowlegde) floats around in zillions of Word documents, presentations, emails. Nobody reads them. Some smart companies already started to install internal search engines
maybe complemented by taxonomy/classification engines in even smarter companies. Will they be able to replace federate databases one day?

On starship Enterprise, the question 'What do we know about planet Omega-Haribo7?' can be answered giving exactly the information the questioner wanted. Lifeforms, atmosphere, latest wars. I'm pretty sure it's not just some voice recognition combined with a MySQL server to get that done.

Will the future decide the battle between OODBMS and RDBMS against both? Will unstructured information be the key for future enterprise databases? Will GUI-forms vanish? Will this - in the end - lead to completely new paradigms in programming languages, databases, UI ...? Just a thought before weekend.

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