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C with NetBeans on Linux ... check it out!

Posted by herkules on December 21, 2006 at 9:27 AM PST

My current project is something with C on Linux. This is no fun, believe me. Especially when you are used to the rich development environment in the Java world.

What do we have on Linux? vi, emacs, make, kdevelop, gdb. Ouch.

Fortunately, Java tools reach out to that foreign, hostile world. First I tried Eclipse/CDT which works pretty well and I use it for my daily development. By far the best thing I could get hold of. The C/C++ module for NetBeans, which was at beta3 those days, was not in a productive state.

Today, I gave it a second try with all the brand new stuff. JDK6, NetBeans 5.5 and the new C/C++ development pack - surprise, surprise! It looks pretty polished and works like a charm.

NB/C wraps very nicely around existing Makefiles. This allowed me to browse a real complex project (>1mio LOC) within the IDE very soon. It also recognized the SVN structure immediately and guided me smoothly to checkin the NB projects just created. Another big plus is that it was very easy to create the NB projects completely separated from the source directories. I missed that in Eclipse (maybe it's my fault). And no more switching between 'perspectives' which I always found annoying. A matter of taste. Also, NetBeans 5.5 runs very smooth even on an X terminal.

So I had 2 lucky hours today exploring my new toy. Everything was so easy. Maybe tomorrow I will run into the issues. But thats OK for a first release. I'll just post the issues to the NB bug tracker. Typically they do respond quickly.

What I love about NetBeans is the speed of improvement. Subversion, UML, C/C++ and much more ... all that has been added just recently. So I'm really excited to see what comes next....

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