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Little helpers for the editor

Posted by herkules on January 28, 2007 at 11:30 AM PST

The NetBeans source code editor is not known the be the ultimate one these days. From what I heard and saw, IDEA seems to be #1 in this respect today. But sometimes even small things have big effects and make work more enjoyable.

Sandip Chitale created a set of linetools as a NetBeans module that nobody should miss. It gives a liteweight way to work with lines. It's very easy to move lines around or duplicate them (and then move around). The same works with multiline selections. Very handy, for it avoids prior selection of text in many cases.

Working with that reminded me of an editor feature I created in the glorious times when I was allowed to work in the Forth programming language (my all-time favorite).

Those days I had a line- and a character stack. A single keystroke allowed to swallow or copy lines or characters to the stack and spit them out at another place. This was one of the features you'll never miss again once getting used to it. Much better than the common cut/copy/paste based on selections.

Sandip, please, can you help me (again)?

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