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Conscientious Software

Posted by hiheiss on March 30, 2006 at 3:35 PM PST

Conscientious Software: Part One of a Conversation with Sun Microsystems Laboratories' Ron Goldman

Here's a rich IMHO interview
with Sun's Ron Goldman by yours truly. Ron's a
senior staff engineer at Sun Labs who is working with Richard Gabriel to
envision a new software model. As we move into a world of massive software
interdependence where standalone apps are on the way out, Ron wants to develop
ways to make "large systems more robust, stable, and better able to take care of

He wants software to start using cpu cycles "to actively monitor its own activity
and environment, to continually perform self-testing, to catch errors and
automatically recover from them, to automatically configure itself during
installation, to participate in its own development and customization, to
pay attention to how humans use it and become easier to use over time, and
to protect itself from damage when patches and updates are installed."

Are you enticed by his vision?...

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