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Interested in VM Agents?

Posted by hiheiss on January 3, 2007 at 2:46 PM PST

A recently published article (to which I minorly contributed),
by fellow blogger and Sun engineer,
Kelly O'Hair,
"The JVM Tool Interface (JVM TI): How VM Agents Work,"
focuses on VM agents,
which are good for assessing what's going on in a JVM. The JVM tool interface
(JVM TI) is a standard native API that allows native libraries to capture events
and control a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for the Java platform. These native, or
"agent" libraries often form a basis for the Java technology-level tool APIs, such
as the Java Debugger Interface (JDI) that comes with the Java Development Kit (JDK).
Profiler tool vendors will often need to create an agent library that uses JVM TI. The
article explores the basics of writing a JVM TI agent library by walking through the
heapTracker demo agent available in the JDK downloads.

Any comments or reactions?

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