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The Story of Ruby, JRuby, and Rails at Sun

Posted by hiheiss on March 27, 2008 at 3:50 PM PDT

In a new article NetBeans, Solaris, GlassFish: The Ruby's Red Slippers Fit just up on, yours truly covers the Ruby/JRuby landscape. I got to adventure into new territory and learn a bit about Ruby and accompanying technologies that share some of Ruby's glitter. Those who have not wandered in Ruby land might take a look -- a lot is happening.

* The TIOBE Programming Community index which gives an indication of the popularity of programming languages, ranks Ruby 10th in popularity with 2.66% of programmers.

* As is well known, much of Ruby

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If Sun is very open to enhancing their value ... of the Java platform, then why they doesn't notice Groovy?

Hi there, igorshubovych, I appreciate your comment. I can't speak for the whole company but I think that Groovy is being noticed and perhaps it will be included in a later version. I don't really know anything else at this time. Jan