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Good News on Glassfish and Java EE

Posted by hiheiss on August 29, 2008 at 11:40 AM PDT

Anyone interested in the insightful observations of a GlassFish engineer might check out the interview I did with Sahoo who, among other things, is currently involved in enabling GlassFish to run on the OSGi platform and writing a portability checking tool for Java EE applications.

Some highlights:

-- The GlassFish team is implementing an OSGi-based microkernel architecture. GlassFish v3 will be delivered as a set of OSGi bundles along with Felix, an open-source OSGi framework. Users are free to choose their own OSGi framework as well.

-- By modularizing GlassFish using OSGi, it will be a lot easier for GlassFish partners to add extra modules in GlassFish to suit the needs of their users. GlassFish will use system resources with greater efficiency and life-cycle management of GlassFish will be a lot easier, making it a candidate to be embedded in other applications.

-- In the coming year, GlassFish will be implemented in Java EE 6.

-- GlassFish is being made available to non-Java programmers such as JRuby and Groovy users.

-- The GlassFish team is exploring deployment of priority-aware complex event-processing applications in GlassFish, which may require them to take a look at Real-Time Java in GlassFish.

-- A lot of Java EE applications are non-portable, which could become a serious problem as Java EE seeks to define multiple profiles. Their nonportability is primarily caused by the use of proprietary APIs and incorrect use of Java EE facilities. Sahoo is working on a tool that identifies these issues and warns users much earlier in the development cycle.

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