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WSIT installer now supports Tomcat 6

Posted by hofsass on August 22, 2007 at 3:22 PM PDT

Previously WSIT didn't support installing to Tomcat 6. A problem mainly caused by a directory, shared/lib, that is no longer part of the default Tomcat install image. A manual workaround for this was described by Arun Gupta in one of his blog entries, here. However, the WSIT install script for Tomcat has now been updated and will handle both Tomcat 5.5 and Tomcat 6.

There were two related issues. One the 'shared/lib' directory is no longer part of the default installed directory image of Tomcat 6. Also, in the '' file the property of 'shared.loader' is no longer set to a value. In 5.5, the 'shared.loader' value pointed to the jars and classes under 'shared/lib'.

The updates to the installer took the direct approach to solving the problem. Namely, during WSIT installation the script will now create a 'shared/lib' directory in the Tomcat installation and update the 'shared.loader' property in '' to point to the jar files in that directory.

The behavior seen for Tomcat 5.5 installs remains the same.

With CATALINA_HOME value set, the install script can be invoked like this:

ant -f wsit-on-tomcat.xml {install,uninstall,help}

If you don't want to set the value in your environment settings, you can do it this way:

ant -f wsit-on-tomcat.xml -Dcatalina.home= {install,uninstall,help}
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