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Eclipse 3.2M5 is out

Posted by iasandcb on February 17, 2006 at 9:12 PM PST

Downloads are available at . This milestone is the final for API changes, and some time will be spent for feature finalization and functional stabilization. I enjoy Eclipse 3.2M5 with WTP 1.5M4 in developing JEUS because:

1. Powerful debugging
Sometimes class hot swapping works (this is great because I don't need to reboot after I change some engine code). Even "drop to frame" function amazed my team mananger :-)

2. Schema graphical viewer
I have to deal with schemas defined by both Java EE and JEUS. Looking at the outline of a schema file, finding out some specific element, and going to its type by hitting F3... Much more efficient than text searching.

Meanwhile, Eclipse on Mac OS X doesn't support detaching a view from its main window, and that prevents me from fully enjoying dual screen. Anyway, I'm just about to test Eclipse 3.2M5 on Mustang as Java SE 6 compliance is gauranteed.

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