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Mirae means "future", but Apache Mirae means "now"

Posted by iasandcb on March 28, 2006 at 8:52 PM PST

I just posted a snapshot of Apache Mirae 1.0 to . "Mirae" in Korean means "future" and I used the word to name a project for implementing JSR 172 J2ME Web Services in Apache.

The project launched two years ago, but has gone through many things: lack of participation (and use as well), TCK delivery, and holes of JSR 172, and so on. However, around the beginning of this year, I got quite stimulating responses from both developers and users of Mirae and finally feel ready to release its very first version.

Open source software targeted at Java ME has narrower playground than the other platforms mainly because the platform itself is sort fo "closed", or rather tightly controlled by telco carriers and phone vendors. For example, java.* and javax.* are not permitted to install by users on some devices, which prevents from using Mirae WS(Web Services, an implementation of JSR 172 JAX-RPC subset).

Knowing this irresistible situation, we still (and ever) want our devices to be connected based on a notation called "service oriented architecture", and JSR 279 Service Connection API for Java ME and JSR 280 XML API for Java ME shed light here. Even as an implementor of JSR 172, the JAX-RPC subset was pretty disappointing, especially when it came to real usages.

What I'd like to lead through Mirae is to let people make full use of their daily information devices. That's the future.

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