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4 cases in packaing web service endpoints in Java EE 5

Posted by iasandcb on April 13, 2006 at 10:54 PM PDT

Web services in Java EE 5, or JWS 2.0 changes a lot in packaging endpoints. There are 3 types in a web module:

1. Neither web.xml nor webservices.xml
In this case, full annotations are required.

2. No web.xml but webservices.xml
Annotations can be overriden by webservices.xml as defined by EWS (JSR 109) 1.2.

3. Partial web.xml and webservices.xml
"Partial" here means that web.xml doesn't have any servlet declaration for endpoints because they can be detected by @WebService Annotation unlike plain Servlets.

4. Full web.xml and webservices.xml
It's just like J2EE 1.4.