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Terms in JWS 2.0 - PAWSDL vs PUWSDL and GISC vs GASC

Posted by iasandcb on April 14, 2006 at 12:26 AM PDT

EWS 1.2 introduces two types of WSDL:

PAckaged WSDL - PAWSDL (paw sdle): WSDL files packaged in a module.
PUblished WSDL - PUWSDL (poo sdle): WSDL files published during deployment.

While JAX-RPC uses interface (java.xml.rpc.Service) for clients, JAX-WS uses class:

GenerIc Service Class - GISC (g sc):
GenerAted Service Class - GASC (gas c): generated service classes extending

Let's talk about JWS with some efficiency :-)

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