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When you (and actually I) want to develop a Java application on a Windows PDA

Posted by iasandcb on August 14, 2006 at 12:09 AM PDT

I have to admit that this combination, Windows PDA and Java ME, isn't that easy to approach in terms of both quality and quantity. Firstly, there isn't so-called "RI (Reference Implementation)" of CLDC or CDC on the (obviously) hostile platform against Java. There used to be one historical software, PersonalJava targeted at Windows CE, but got obsolete as CDC came up with several profiles such as FP, PBP, and PP to replace it.

Secondly, we fall into confusion when it comes to adoption among feasible candidates. See "Java Support on Pocket PC" at and you will soon speak to yourself, "what should I do?" "Java on PocketPC" at has more updated information specific to Windows, but it makes me feel that "still, what should I do again?"

What I exactly want to do is to create a simple web service client on top of a pretty new PDA of which OS is Windows Mobile 5. Of course, I might be able to program the client with .NET, but you know, I'm a Java guy, so I insist on using Java somewhat :-) Development and deployment can be separated: you can now develop CDC/PP applications with NetBeans 5.5 as desribed at In order to run your applications, IBM WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment ( seems like the best choice except the undeniable fact that it's not free. Some discussion thread at also points out the selection.

OK, so I'll start to work on them, and continue writing about this tiny project, particularly how this "end-to-end" application can be built upon CDC 1.1 and Java EE 5.

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