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Readonly subversion repository for JDK sources under the JRL license

Posted by idk on September 1, 2006 at 4:42 PM PDT

JDK7 and JDK6 source snapshots under the JRL license are now available through subversion repository. jdk.researcher or
jdk.contributor role for jdk project is required to access the repository. The repository is located here -

This is yet another way to access JDK sources. It has a number of advantages over the jar files we provide for the source shapshots. Some of them are

  • all the JDK7 snapshots will be available there (only a few last snapshots are available as jar files)
  • with subversion one can get subset of the workspace (one gets whole workspace in a jar file)
  • workspace update is as simple as svn update
  • the repository is browsable

The repository layout is as follows:

jdk7/   - JDK7 sources
  trunk/   - JDK7 latest sources
  tags/   - JDK7 source snapshots
  jdk7-b01/ - JDK7 sources for build 01
  jdk7-bN/ - JDK7 sources for build N
jdk6/   - JDK6 sources
  trunk/   - JDK6 latest sources
  tags/   - JDK6 source snapshots
  jdk6-b92/ - JDK6 sources for build 92
  jdk6-b93/ - JDK6 sources for build 93
  jdk6-bN/ - JDK6 sources for build N


You can get subversion client for your platform here.

Get latest JDK7 sources:

svn checkout --username <your_java.net_id>

Get JDK6 sources for build 94:

svn checkout --username <your_java.net_id>

Get latest JDK7 sources for javax.swing package and store them under javax/swing directory:

svn checkout javax/swing --username <your_java.net_id>

Hope you will find the repository useful.

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Readonly subversion

The SVN links are not working ... could you please provide the updated links?

Readonly subversion

authentication is failing even after registration.Hence I am not able to access it from SVN
please resolve this

Readonly subversion

This article is pretty old... if I send my friend a link to this article, will it still be valid?

it's very odd you don't

it's very odd you don't provide 'guest' read-access to repository. And what's odd even more that even being registered you cannot access it, "you don't have read access, please contact project administrator" message appears. :(
sorry, comment moved to wrong person. Also can remove it. Totally weird.

Nothing here since JDK 6u15;

Nothing here since JDK 6u15; any plans to keep this updated?

VersionControl -Read

appears to be necessary .. how does one obtain this in order to checkout the repositories above?

Same problem here

Can someone answer this please? I have applied for access in jdk6 project, but still don't have access to this section. Thank you.