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Cares In Smart Card Terminal Development Using Non-Java Solutions # 1

Posted by igormedeiros on November 14, 2007 at 8:38 AM PST

Application development for smart card, becomes accessible for anyJava developer after Java Card was created. When a Java developer starts on smart card world, usually he get Java Card as the platform to develop the on-card part of the system and of course, a Java API to develop the off-card part, as known as “Terminal”, or simple, the desktop application that will send/receive APDU messages with the smart card. Everything will works with no problem in this scenario but if the desktop is a non-Java solution, in other words, using the SCard API, the development team have to take some care.

Here, I'm talking about the status word 61xx, that you'll just receive, if your desktop app is not Java app. In this case, 61 XX is sucess, but indicates that are XX bytes as a second part of response: the data. To get it you have to send a GET DATA ISO 7816 APDU command, like this:

00 C0 00 00 XX (here, XX is the remaining bytes, the LE byte)

If more bytes must be obtained, you'll send the GET DATA command again, until get 90 00 as response.

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