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Using command-line Ant-based build structure that is Netbeans-friendly

Posted by inder on January 30, 2006 at 11:42 AM PST

Do you use Netbeans to write your Java EE applications? If so, did you ever want to run the build files through command-line only to discover that they can only be run through Netbeans? In this blog, I will describe how you can use the Java BluePrints build system to make your Netbeans generated Java EE projects command-line friendly.

The Java BluePrints Build System is essentially a set of Ant files that provide targets for compiling, deploying, undeploying, and running, Java EE projects with GlassFish. These ant files detect whether they were invoked from with-in Netbeans or from command-line and automatically either use Netbeans native build system, or the command-line targets. The result is that the project behaves like a native Netbeans project when loaded in Netbeans, while still completely usable from command-line.

You can download and use the early access release of the Java BluePrints build system from the Java BluePrints Conventions project. Start with reading the detailed (by my standards, at least) guide available in README.html after installation.

Please be aware that this is really early access code, with likely obviously broken things. Having said that, we have been using it in all of the applications in Java BluePrints Solutions Catalog quite successfully for a while..