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What is the difference between Java Application Platform SDK and Java EE SDK

Posted by inder on March 13, 2007 at 5:14 PM PDT

In the previous blog, I announced the availability of Java Application Platform SDK. A user ( userid: claudio) asked about the differences in the various bundles. Since the question is of general interest, I decided to write this blog to explain the various bundles. Here are the various bundles that are available at the download page:

  1. Java EE 5 SDK: This bundle contains the Java EE 5 compatible Sun Application Server. This is same as GlassFish V2 beta. Additionally, it contains Java EE 5 API docs, a short tutorial, BluePrints, and samples. This bundle comes in two forms: with JDK (JDK 6) or without JDK.
  2. Java Application Platform SDK: This bundles contains all the contents of Java EE 5 SDK and includes the following additional runtime components: Sun Web Developer Pack Release 1, Open ESB 2.0 Beta, Java Portlet Container 1.0, Sun Java System Access Manager 1.0. This bundle also comes in two forms: with or without JDK.
  3. Java EE 5 Tools Bundle: This bundle includes Java Application Platform SDK, NetBeans 5.5.1 Beta, and NetBeans Enterprise Pack. This bundle does not contain JDK.

So, how do you decide which bundle to choose? Here are some guidelines:

  • Download the Java EE 5 SDK bundle if you prefer command-line tools instead of NetBeans IDE, and are only interested in writing Java EE 5 applications.
  • Download the Java Application Platform SDK bundle if you prefer command-line tools instead of NetBeans IDE, and are interested in writing applications that use Java EE 5 with additional components. The SWDP component provides support for writing Web 2.0 applications, the OpenESB component enables development of composite applications that use an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Java Portlet Container enables development of portlets and, finally, Access Manager enables using Web services security technologies.
  • Download the Java EE 5 Tools bundle if you prefer using NetBeans IDE for developing Java EE 5 applications with additional features contained in the Java Application Platform SDK. In addition to regular Java EE application development, this tool provides visual development of composite applications using a BPEL editor, and easy configuring of Web services security.

  • Are the various bundle options confusing? Do you have suggestions on how we can make them better? Share your thoughts as comments to this blog. Thanks for reading.

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