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Come for the power, stay for the community

Posted by editor on May 16, 2006 at 6:35 AM PDT

I spent part of yesterday afternoon at the booth, helping set up for podcasting the mini-talks, which start today at 11.

The booth arrangement is really nice this year: on one side, we have the kiosks for signage, literature, and computers, which allow community leads and project owners to show their stuff and meet with people. At the opposite side is the screen, speakers and podium for the mini talks, with a backdrop behind the screen so the light from nearby booths doesn't distract you. In front of the podium is seating for about 16-20.

And in between we have a pair of comfy sofas for members to hang out in and enjoy the mini-talks from the back row. The sofas have a coffee table for your drinks/snacks/laptop, and on top of the table we have the rarest of all things at JavaOne: a power strip. Yes, you can relax and recharge in the booth... literally... while you meet other community members and get the 20-minute info dumps that are the mini-talks.

I did an interview with Community Manager Marla Parker while the booth was still under construction, which you can hear as our latest podcast.

So do come by. Booth 532. Under the big orange "" banner. Just listen for the sound of community and innovation.

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