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Java Case Studies

Posted by jacksjpt on July 24, 2003 at 5:03 AM PDT

I love looking through case studies. They can teach you so much about what to do, what not to do, what is in vogue, etc. All those useful design patterns came from analyzing lots of case studies and seeing what worked; and sometimes, more importantly, what didn't work.

So this year I decided to start listing case studies when I find them. And a great place to start is JavaOne, where lots of the really big case studies get presented. So here they are. The highlights for me: eBay architected for 1 billion page views a day; The Brazilian National Health handling 100 million outpatient procedues a month; 24 million Java Cards used by Taiwan Health Insurance; Capital One Financial handling 80 million transactions each month.

  • Credit Suisse: bank order routing system (no stats).
  • Ford Motor Credit: Enterprise infrastructure. J2EE gave 50% faster development.
  • Print PCS: Network and wireless services. Services accessible 5 times faster.

  • Campbell Soup: HR portal. 300 concurrent users with 19ms response times.
  • Dominion Power: Trading system. 90-TIMES reduction in network requests.
  • State of Virginia: Caches majority of data. 500 concurrent users with 22ms response times.

  • Speech synthesis comparison of existing C product (Flite) and Java implementation (FreeTTS): Before performance tuning Java takes twice as long as C; after performance tuning Java takes one third as long as C and has better horizontal scalability.

  • Brazilian National Health: 100 million outpatient procedures per month.

  • DaimlerChrysler: Business purchase systems (no stats).

  • U.S. Department of Defense: 4.3 million Java Cards, all active duty military personnel.
  • Taiwan Health Insurance: 10 million Java Cards in use (24 million target).
  • Financial Services: VISA; Citibank; AMEX; Target; all issuing Java Cards.
  • Belgium National ID: 11 Java cards
  • Many more organizations listed, companywide and national.

  • Miller Time network (no stats).

  • Capital One Financial: Account servicing application. 47 million accounts; 80 million transactions/month; peak 23 000 sessions in half an hour; growing rapidly; must comply with legal requirements.

  • eBay: 69 million usrs; 380 million page views per day; 1 billion per day expected within 2 years.

  • (American Airlines): Travel commerce. 44 million users; 2 million transactions/day;

  • (Wall Street Journal online): Content presentation. Millions of page views per day; integrated access across multiple domains.

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