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Sun Tech Days - Boston

Posted by jcherreram on September 20, 2007 at 10:47 PM PDT

Always these kinds of events are a new and good opportunity to learn, I learned from the airplane to every session that I attended.

I learned this:

1) The Airplane video broadcasting system is powered by linux see it
2) The USA Universities has the same issues to train their students in technologies than Chilean Universities (and probably Latin American Universities), as Sang Shin said on his session "Java and NetBeans Demos You Shouldn't Miss!"
3) JavaFX looks pretty cool, excellent presentation by Sridhar Reddy
4) The JEE 6 and Annotations in Servlets are coming soon!
5) The winner of "Temple of Sun" was: Kenneth Schumacher
6) Some guys joined the "Solaris InstallFest" and they've installed Solaris in their IBM Laptops
7) GlassFish rules, see it
8) Sun Studio Compilers and Tools, has over 25 world records in one year! amazing!
9) Solaris is Interesting (through "What Makes Solaris Interesting" session)
10) How to build advanced applications on multicore systems (through "Building High Performance Applications on Multicore Systems Using Sun Studio Compilers and Tools")
11) Brazilian healthcare is favorite of James Gosling
12) Java Real Time is HOT, nice robots! (I'll be working soon with JRT :D)
13) Java and Full Open Source + GPL v3 more info
14) Good Mix: Solaris and Quad-Core AMD Platforms
15) ZSF: Just Good Stuff!

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