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Soft Skills to deal with Open Source Project

Posted by jcherreram on February 25, 2008 at 9:01 PM PST

Hard Skills is not enough to face an Open Source project, obviously is a cultural aspect the measure of noise in your team communication can vary between countries and cultures.

As a FLOSS Developer I'm facing with a lot of "politician" criticism isn't about technical things is about to deal with "stupid" questions as: why?, what you do you want?, are you crazy?, work for free?, are you rich? and a long etc of a sort of "Poisonous" words.

Today, I can't give you any well documented advice, but take a look this video, from people with more experience than me:

Spanish version HERE

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Its always fun working on an open source project, At the same time its very challenging too. And always a good feel because you are contributing for everyone for free MyBlog