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Project "Hello Buddy/Hola Amigo"

Posted by jcherreram on April 8, 2008 at 6:37 PM PDT
The project "Hello Buddy/Hola Amigo" is a Sun Microsystems' volunteers' initiative to reduce the digital divide. The digital divide is the gap between people that has resources and knowledge to get access to digital and information technology from people who don't. The source of digital divide came from social, economical, and cultural issues. Some technology (specially if come from the open-source world) can help to overcome the digital divide since open-source software does not have cost for using and also can be distributed freely, countries with with broader digital can use for free.

Digital divide states an important difference between rich and poor countries. Every technology company that claims to be responsible and have social responsibility might do something about digital divide. Volunteers project aims to reduce the digital divide through donation, education or other kinds of help to improve the knowledge and access to information technology.

The project itself is based on Wonderland a Sun's open-source project to create virtual 3D world. Wonderland gives us the platform to build a live virtual and 3D classroom where children of different countries can meet and share in a virtual space for fun...and learn. At the same time we can take advantage of this tool to teach and educate children, if we have technology that provides a broadband connection, audio, and publishing tools, we can develop and attend classes closer to a real world. Finally the project will have a children driven approach, in fact both English and Spanish speakers will teach each other their native language.

The project "Hello Buddy/Hola Amigo" is a good example of how Sun's technology within a open-source initiative can contribute to reduce the digital divide. Of course this project (as many) is powered by Java!

If you want to know more about this project take a look our wiki page and also you can join us at CommunityCorner JavaOne 2008 we have a mini-talk to share with you our experience.