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Centralized Administration Java Tools

Posted by jdcampbell on April 22, 2008 at 3:04 PM PDT

A Key Tool For Centralized Administration


There is an almost endless need for security as the attack of all sorts of criminal hackers and hordes continues. Authorities on network/computer administration say that centralized management of a company’s computers is the key. Clearly that is true, you hire the best and brightest to manage and develop policies for how your companies IT systems will be operated, then that central team makes sure the policies are maintained. There is a solution that is Java based which you will find very helpful in this regard, it is called Iron-Admin and it is gaining popularity.


Centralized Management


One of the major hurdles with centralized management of computers is the software aspect. Having a secure means of administering a WAN from your central office is needed. You will find Iron-Admin made by Wise Firm (  to be outstanding for centralized management, another product is WebMin ( which is specific to Linux servers only. For larger corporations who maintain Microsoft, IBM, Solaris, and other OS servers, the only choice would be Wise Firm’s product called Iron-Admin. It uses 256bit encryption for all communication, which is double that of WebMin.


With Unix based servers the legacy method of administering your network was to use X Windows terminals, or just an SSH shell session and commands. And with Microsoft Windows you have the Active Directory which allows WAN administration using a simple GUI tool. The problems you face with both of these legacy systems is that various server side software, such as DNS, eMail, Web Servers, etc. require you to learn the GUI of each of these software packages. On top of that you are often dealing with multiple OS systems with various designs, and Solaris doesn’t work the same as AIX, likewise Linux is not the same as MS Windows Server. Wise Firm’s Iron-Admin system solves all of this, providing a uniform way to administer all of the OS systems and the server software that runs on them.


Iron-Admin’s Universal GUI


The Iron-Admin product provides a powerful GUI with centralized control of all servers on your WAN or LAN. The GUI is more advanced then Microsoft’s Active Directory MMU tool. And the GUI appearance and operation is the same rather you are administering an AIX server, Solaris, Windows 2003, or Windows Vista. Iron-
Admin is actually not just an administration system, actually it ships with many server components and when you install it you actually get a powerful eMail server, Backup server, DNS server, J2EE server, Samba/Windows server, and other components. So Iron-Admin is kind of an administration system and server system all in one with a universal GUI to manage everything. Here’s a GUI snapshot of what it looks like…




Integrating Multi-Platforms


Another common need is to integrate various platforms, or OS systems of different flavors. Again Iron-Admin fills the need by offering cross-platform file management and backup. From one computer console you can copy and move or backup files from multiple computers across a large WAN. For instance you could select files and directories from an AIX server in California, then select some more files from a Solaris 10 workstation in Dallas, then select some more files and directories from a MS Windows 2003 server in Kansas, and then copy all of them from all those computers to a single destination Linux server in Florida! That sounds amazing right, will I have done just such things with Iron-Admin, and it is as easy as using the MS Explorer or the Linux File Browser. You can do more then just copy them however, you can select files and directories as stated and instead of just copying them, you can burn them all to a DVD on a destination computer, or just schedule a regular automated backup from all of those computers to a destination computer. Integration stretches to easy click and linking of NFS shares across platforms too, as well as ADS file shares between Linux and Windows servers and workstations.


There are actually too many features to mention in Iron-Admin, you really should go to and get into their online Forums, they are very helpful. They also have other products, including free encryption software, free benchmarking software, and eBooks which are very helpful. Wise Firm has really expanded on the capabilities of Java, they offer an unlimited-strength encryption system with Iron-Admin which apparently could do like 5000-bit encryption, WOW!


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