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Develop J2ME for PalmOS

Posted by jdeanquin on June 1, 2007 at 8:18 AM PDT

This is my first post on weblog @, my main interest is J2ME development, so i will focus on J2ME on my post, obviously java in general will also be in my posts.
Mi first post is about something I've heard today, Access , former PalmSource, has decided to discontinue the Websphere environment they've provided to develop J2ME apps for the PalmOs JRE. So it will not be possible to develop J2ME for PalmOS,at least with webspehre. Whats available now is Java Technology for Palm OS Garnet Toolkit, with an eclipse plugin, It seems that the simulator will not be availabe. I'll download the kit , do some research, and post about that.
Would be nice to be able to continue developing on palmOS,specially in our country, as some palm devices are really cheap.

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