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First impression on Palm OS Garnet Toolkit

Posted by jdeanquin on June 4, 2007 at 12:47 PM PDT

This weekend I've been playing around with the Java Technology for Palm OS Garnet Toolkit. I the kit you may find the JARTORPC or the JADTORPC in order to be able to upload Midlets to a palm powered device, but, its not a developtment toolkit it self: I lacks for emulators, as far as i can see you are not able to set up an environment to be able to develop with specific classes from the Former kit. So if you can stick with the standard you can do it with this. I'll continue investigating if its possible to set up an environment for palmos devices as you can do for Motorola IDEN, For example.
In order to download the kit, you must go to creante an account, once logged in, click on Garnet OS

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