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Post-labor day blues

Posted by jeffpk on September 7, 2004 at 2:14 PM PDT

This week's title sort of sounds like cowboy-bepop episode, doesn't it?

It's tuesday following labor-day and the world seems to be spinning up to work pace again slowly for me. It doesn't help that I'm off to NYC Friday for a week making this a very short week.

But here's the week's updates


We're still gearing back up into the game server development. Around that we are upgrading the lab leading to further odds and ends to deal with. The equiptment for the prototype game server has been finally re-installed and brought back up since taking it down for CGDC. I have also installed a full development environment on my Alienware laptop and hope to be able to do portable development on the project on that.

The schedule to alpha has been completed and basically shows we have too much to do and too little man-power to do it with. Welcome to life in corporate america. We'll keep pushing through and eventually, when its a true crisis, management will give on either schedule or man-power.



JNWN is to the point where I have my resource browser working and Im working now on parsing the tile map information out of .are files. I have also proposed a project to house it on the project pages and have uploaded my code to date. Ofcourse, it being CVS, the repository ALSO has a whole bunch of other crap it shouldn't and is a mess. The fact that you cannot delete directories in CVS really is its achillies' heal. I've requested that they repository be wiped as now I finally have figured out what really needs to go up and how. Til then, feel free to play with whats up there but be aware that only the com directory has anything real or relevent in it.


My controller, Ms. Terry, is up to level 19 in City of Heroes. One more level and she finally gets a second uniform,which to me means street clothes. (I really think they should give you 2 to start with.) She picked up Phantom Army (PA) at 18th and I've pumped its slots at 19 for 1 Dual Origina (DO) accuracy buff and 2 DO recharge time buffs. She's finally starting to kick ass and I was able to actualy complete a reasonable mission in reasonable time the other night by myself for the first time.

Rumor however is that they are NERFing PA in the next update. **sigh** For those who don't know "NERF" is an online gaming term. NERFing in abiltiy is making it less effective for damaging enemies, like a NERF weapon.

Picking up PA inspired me to write another story patch explaining where it came from. As usual all my story patches are available for reading in the Charatcer Stories section of Rumor is, by the way, that the next release for CoH is also going to add a lot of level 10-20 content. Sounds like they've been listening to the player feedback, which is an excellent sign for this product's long term life.

My mom the professional writer has turned me on to an online course/tool set for fiction writers called FictionMaster. She says its the only really good one she's ever seen. I'm supposed to be receiving a copy soon and I'll start writing here about my experiences with it.

Last saturday we had a get together for Avlis folks in the area at Dave and Busters. ( Was fun to mee tthese folks. Interestingly it was by and large an older crowd then I see at RPG conventions. For a change, I wasn't the oldest gamer at the table. (I was second oldest.)

$10.00 DVDs by the way are my weakness. $10.00 is my impulse point on my movie collection. This week I picked up The 30th Anniversary Blazing Saddles, Master and Commander, The Leauge of Extrodinary Gentlemen and Equilibrium (a low budget sci fi/action film a friend highly recommended), all at Circuit City in their $10.00 bin. A few weeks back I got the original Manchurian Candidate for $10.00 at Fry's


Finally, I spent some serious bucks on a few collections. $60 or so on the complete Vicar of Dibley for my wife. $60 or so on Red Dwarf season one and two for me, And about $90 on the complete A&E release of The Prisoner. The first two I bought from the BBC America website. The last I got at almost half price (list is something like $170) from CostCo.

All three of those are BBC releases. I don't buy american TV shows on DVD because its too damn expensive-- a few episodes per disc. But BBC puts an entire season on each DVD plus extras which is a lot more reasponable. (The exception above being the prisoner, because its an A&E release, but i got that at discount anyway). The Red Dwarf discs are a bit more expensive then usual for BBC at about $30 per season but each is a two disc set. the second disc contains the season's out takes and a ton of other materials. They also each come with a very nice full color booklet giving backgroudn info on the fimilming of each episode. Definitely made for collectors with a lot of love and care.

Thats life this week in Jeff-ville

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