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Blarg #11: Help me print your book. I downloaded it for free.

Posted by jfalkner on January 19, 2005 at 5:33 PM PST

Thanks for letting us to use and download your book "Servlets and JavaServer
Pages: The J2EE Technology Web Tier", that is on

I am wondering, if its free, why the print option is turned off in the pdf
file? It is prohibited to print it? Hope you can answer me on this issue?

You are welcome! I almost completely forgot that the book is free if you register over at the, which is also free. Hopefully the next version of the book will be free, with no registration required. FYI, the first few chapters are completely free and printable at

Here are the links to those chapters: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. Chapter 2 and 3 are two of my favorites. Great material if you are learning JSP or Servlets.

As for the print button thing. I have no part in disabling that, and I can't
explain the mystery that surrounds e-books.

However, consider this. Printing 700+ pages requires a lot of paper, time, and ink. All of those cost money. For $30 you can buy a pre-printed copy of the whole book. Plus I get something like 15% on each sale. That is $4.50, which happens to be enough money to buy a wet burrito, on wet burrito day, at my favorite wet burrito joint. If you buy the book, I'll buy a wet burrito, and that way we all win. Plus, you'd be amazed at what some good food does to e-mail response times.

Thinking about it some more...I could swear that I've heard rumors of lots of different PDF reading programs. Some of which are not only free but can ignore the no-print option. I'd look in to it, but I think it is most appropriate that I support both my publisher, cheers AW, and, cheers guys. As blarg readers, please tell me what you think in my talkback!

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