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Blarg #12: "Copywright question"

Posted by jfalkner on January 22, 2005 at 8:31 AM PST

Hi Jason,

I am approaching you with one question in my mind bothering my conscience. I 'd love to receive your comment
on my question as being the writer of the book dealing with Java Servlets and JSP technologies. You and Kevin have
written the book, so therefore for you guys the whole story.

I am preparing for SJWCD1.4 certificate and thru, one of certificate forums, I managed to
find out about your excellent book. Actually I found there a direct link to one of the sites, where you can download the
content of the whole book as a zip file. As unpacked, it will be pdf file.

As having the pdf file on my local computer, can I use for my own needs? In other reason, for preparing for the exam.
I prefer reading it on paper so therefore I would like to hear your either approval or disapproval of the matter.

Yours sincerely

Thank you for asking. Personally, I am glad that you were able to get a copy of the book, and I encourage you to use it in whatever way is most helpful for your exam. If that means exclusively using the free PDF, go for it.

I joke about this issue quite alot,, but honestly I care more that you find the book helpful rather than that you've paid for it. Although, as I point out in the blarg, the book is only $30. If you end up really enjoying the manuscript, please consider buying a copy. My publisher primarily tracks regular book sales, and the more of those I have, the easier it is to release a second edition of the text. FYI, my publisher is officially considering a second edition "later in 2005".

Good luck on the exam,

Jayson Falkner