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After JavaOne, let the Grizzly hibernate.....

Posted by jfarcand on May 29, 2006 at 9:45 AM PDT

Wow....still recovering after a crazy week at JavaOne. We have worked very hard to make the keynote demo on Friday to clearly demonstrate the power of the Real Time VM. For people that didn't see it, we demonstrated SJSAS 9.0 running on the upcoming Sun Real Time VM. Without going into details (will blog more later on the topic), we have configured Grizzly to use its ARA mechanism and a Real Time based Pipeline . The demo was showing two videos, one serviced by the normal Grizzly pipeline, and one serviced by a new Real Time based pipeline. When stressing the SJSAS, the video streamed by the normal pipeline was having trouble (the video frame was delayed), where the real time one was playing without any problems. All of this using a Grizzly extension :-).

On another topic, I've added at the bottom of this page the two bofs I gave. The most popular was on how to extend Grizzly using ARA or ARP. I was very impress by the talk Andreas Egloff did on openESB (including HTTP SOAP binding). You clearly want to read [1] :-) . Interesting to see Grizzly in such product!!.

The other BOF I did [2] was on a component based architecture we are evaluating for Seems a lot of peoples are interested by such architecture, where you only install the component you are using from a Maven 2.0 remote repository.....

[1] Customizing the Grizzly Framework
[2] GlassFish

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