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Grizzly is going to the Zoo

Posted by jfarcand on May 9, 2006 at 7:34 PM PDT

This year is the second year of Grizzly and it has greatly evolved since last time he went to San Francisco. Grizzly started as an HTTP NIO based Framework tied to GlassFish, and it is now been used in several products (SJSAS 8.1 PE, 8.2 PE (and available in the upcoming 8.2 EE), GlassFish, Tango, Alaska), and also in a couple of not yet released frameworks and products. If you are interested to see Grizzly in action, come to the following Bofs (mais attention, certain mot risque de sonner franglais!):

Session Id: BOF-0520
Session Title: Customizing the Grizzly NIO Framework
Track: Core Enterprise
Room: Hall E 134 Date: 18-MAY-06 Start Time: 20:30

This talk will describe the Grizzly framework and how to extends it. We will discuss two interesting extensions. The first will discuss the Grizzly's Application Resources Allocation (ARA) extension of a Resource Consumption Management (RCM) system implementation. The second extension will discuss an application of the asynchronous request processing under an SOA/JBI context. The extension is actually a real product that will be announced at JavaOne!

Session Id: BOF-2116
Session Title: GlassFishSMProject: an Easy Web Application Development Java Server
Track: Web Tier
Room: Metro 1 Date: 16-MAY-06 Start Time: 21:30

The BOF will showcase an upcoming Grizzly based micro-kernel (I don't like this word but can't find a better one) for the next generation of GlassFish. We will demonstrate a component based architecture that allow GlassFish to install/download required components and containers and their dependencies only when they are required. Build on top of GlassFish onDemand framework and embedded Maven 2.0, the new architecture will improve Web Application development and deployment.

But there is one demo that you don't want to miss. A very interesting extension will be demonstrated during the Tuesday keynote. Yes, you want more details, but I can't tell more because it is very impressive :-). The demo is so nice that even my 6 years old boys likes it and has suddenly interests in Grizzly!

Finally, Grizzly will be in action every time GlassFish is demonstrated!


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