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Grizzly Framework available on Maven repository

Posted by jfarcand on September 1, 2006 at 2:06 PM PDT

We are getting more and more requests (most probably to validate what I'm discussing here, and here, and here, and here ...LOL) about having Grizzly as a separate bundle developers can use to build scalable NIO based server. Hence we've decided to create a bundle that can live outside GlassFish (so you don't need to checkout and build GlassFish). The bundle is available here. For Maven user, just add the following to your pom file:

      <id> repository</id>
      <name>Maven 1.x Repository</name>


I've added an example (and will soon add more) on how it works. The example consists of a very basic HTTP server. If you want to try it, just do:

% java -jar grizzly-1.0.4.jar <<port>> <<html folder>>

ex: java -jar grizzly-1.0.4.jar 8080 /var/www/html

The bundle includes Grizzly's Asynchronous Request Processing (ARP), Grizzly's Application Resources Allocation (ARA) , Grizzly's Comet and of course, all the framework classes.

Ah oui, avant que j'oublie, If you are interested to participate to the Grizzly v2 design, just take a look at the proposal and give feedback. Have fun!


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