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GlassFish v2 hit beta candidate: What's new in the WebContainer

Posted by jfarcand on January 25, 2007 at 7:57 AM PST

GlassFish v2 just hit beta candidate (the beta release date is Feb 26th) and I'm taking the opportunity to describe a couple of new features we have added for that release:

  • Grizzly now support Comet processing (here and here). Comet is a programming technique that enables web servers to send data to the client without the client needing to request it.
  • Improved Virtual Server (Host) support (here and here)
  • Greater flexibility in configuring your web application's class path (here)
  • Supports for Eclipse's JDT Compiler (here)
  • JSP compilation with JSR 199 (here)
  • Apache AJP official support (here, here and here)
  • Extending the Web Container (here)
  • JRuby On Rail supports via Grizzly (here)
  • WebDAV and CGI support (here and here)
  • HTTP Compression support (here)
  • SSL support now use NIO non blocking (here)
  • Port Unification (here and here)
  • New Support for Virtual Directory Mappings (here)
  • (near) Zero (re-)Deployment Time for JSF (here)
  • JSF RI Performance/Scalability (here)

I'm sure I probably forgot some, but that's a good start. If you have free time, just try the beta and file bugs!

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