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Bye bye GlassFish, welcome

Posted by jfarcand on February 6, 2007 at 1:19 PM PST

Finally I've moved the Grizzly Framework 1.0.x out of GlassFish. I've got so many private emails on the topic I couldn't resist to start now instead of waiting for GlassFish v2 to go out!

Starting now, all Grizzly development will happens outside GlassFish. The first module I've moved is the Framework classes. Next it will be the Grizzly HTTP WebServer.

If you are interested to see what it looks (and even contribute to the code), just ask it here. I've refactored the 1.0 workspace and now every technology will have their own modules (grizzly-framework, grizzly-comet, grizzly-cometd, grizzly-jruby, etc.). Not to say that all the jars will be soon available inside the repository. I've also migrated from Ant to Maven 2.0 for the build system, and from CVS to SVN. Much simpler!

In case you can't wait for the Grizzly 1.5.0 official release, you can checkout the code by doing:

% svn checkout

We will soon start discussing what Grizzly 2.0 will looks like, so join the mailing list if you want to collaborate. We (at Sun) are planning to consolidate all NIO implementation using Grizzly, hence this is the time to influence us!


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