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JMaki Comet orbits the Sun GlassFish

Posted by jfarcand on March 29, 2007 at 11:42 AM PDT

At AjaxWorld 2007 last week both Greg and I demonstrated a JMaki demo which is using Grizzly Comet in GlassFish. The code is available under the JMaki workspace but you can also download the war file from here. Just install GlassFish, enable Comet and deploy the application. The application is simple. When you type a word, the word will be displayed using Flickr photos and shared amongs all Comet connection (all browser that hit http://ip:8080/jmaki-comet/). As soon as you move the words, all browsers will be updated with the word's new position. Kind of an interactive Flickr based Chat. You can even play chess by adding the letter :-). Have fun!



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