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Summary of the Grizzly 1.5 Archtecture Review meeting

Posted by jfarcand on March 30, 2007 at 7:13 AM PDT

Yesterday we did a very open review of the Grizzly framework version 1.5. The meeting was open to everybody. We discussed the current framework classes, the migration from 1.0, some performance improvements, etc. A lot of peoples have called, and the interesting part was that the majority of listeners weren't from Sun. To name a few, we got listeners from Amazon, Sun, Noelios, and student from University (sorry I didn't catch the name). The meeting when well and several good discussions happened. We gonna meet again next Wednesday to continue the review and make sure our first official release of 1.5 contains all the feedback we got, and satisfy users of Grizzly's 1.0 and the upcoming 1.5. Slides are available here. See you next week for the follow up meeting!


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