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Brazil's FISL day 1

Posted by jfarcand on April 13, 2007 at 1:15 PM PDT

This week is the week! I'm in Brazil for the 8th International Free Software Forum. This conference on open source projects is really interesting and a lot of folks are attempting the conference (~ 5000). My first day was a 'discussions day' and didn't have a single minute to attempt talks! I was around the Sun boot talking about GlassFish, Grizzly and GlassFish's Comet implementation. It is interesting to learn from peoples what they think about GlassFish.

The majority of peoples I've discussed with knows the name, but aren't aware that GlassFish is fully open source, freely available and rock solid! Well, I've made sure now they know. The simplest way to learn about what's happening in GlassFish is by reading the Aquarium blog. All you need to know can be found there :-) But being at an OSS conference, I've also got some valid concerns about GlassFish :-). The one that comes the most frequently is the decision process in GlassFish. If you follow our malling lists, you will find that we aren't voting yet enough on new features we want to see implemented. Well, that's not exactly true. Little by little, projects are starting having architectural review meeting where everybody interested can influence. Although we don't follow a formal process like Apache, we are listening to users requests and feedbacks. Just look at the majority of Koshuke's projects, Jan's improvements to GlassFish's WebContainer, etc. A lot of new features are added on the fly when users ask for it. Still, I agree we need to improve the process and I will follow up with Eduardo on that!

Finally, the hot topic is Comet and I will most probably try to give a talk around the Sun boot on the topic. A lot of peoples are interested to learn what is Comet, which containers supports it, etc. Time to find my slides from AjaxWorld 2007....


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