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Brazil's FISL day 2 and 3: When IBM isn't showing up, unleashes the Grizzly Comet!

Posted by jfarcand on April 16, 2007 at 7:29 AM PDT

My adventures at FISL 8.0 continue....On Friday, IBM didn't showed up for their Web 2.0 talk and guess who was asked to replace them? With 10 minutes notification, I didn't have a single minute to stress or think. Charlie and I jumped to a crowded room and talked about GlassFish, SWDP and Grizzly Comet. Since Comet is fairly new, we spend a fair amount of time explaning what it is and how to use it using JavaScript, JSF, GWT, JMaki or the DOJO toolkit. The room was crowded until the end so I suspect my English translator wasn't that bad. At the end we run out of time but I was able to show the JMaki Comet demo at the Sun Pod. Peoples are always impressed by this demo (I also was when Greg showed me the demo!).

Over the day, I've also learned about several Linux distribution. This is interesting because here they have several Portuguese distributions based on Debian, Mandrake, etc. I need to bring the idea back in Quebec so we can also have a localized one (not the French one, which contains too many English words :-)). I've 'lobby' some of them to package Grizzly WebServer and GlassFish within their default distribution :-)...stay tuned for the results :-)!

The final day was crowded as all the students where allowed to come for free...something the JavaOne folks should think of. The Grizzly 1.5 talk when very well, mostly because Charlie is just an amazing speaker! Talking about NIO after lunch is dangerous as folks can fall asleep easily. You really don't want to miss him at JavaOne in May! Francois Orsini talked about JavaBD embedded into a Web page. His demo is really amazing! If you are coming to JavaOne, don't miss his talk on the same topic! During his talk, someone asked if you can combine his technique with Comet...not yet, but we are working on it!

After FISL, I'm now in Brasilia for multiple customers visits and talks. Hopefully my Portuguese translator improve over the week so I can at least understand some questions...


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