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Why I don't like being a speaker at JavaOne

Posted by jfarcand on April 23, 2007 at 2:51 PM PDT

I don't like being a speaker at JavaOne. Why? Because every year I'm suffering the same problem, which is.....the microphone are locked on the podium. Hence, if you want to move, you can't. You have to stay and speak like a politician for your entire presentation, without moving or even pointing directly the screen, because only the first couple of rows will understand you. To make things worse, a lot of speakers just read their you really feel your are in front of Fidel Castro marathon talk....Hopefully I'm wrong this year and at least we can move on the stage so my talks are less boring (the good news is I'm with good speakers so only my part is boring). I did see a difference at FISL last week. Politician talks where extremely not well received :-)


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