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Project Grizzly 1.6.0 released

Posted by jfarcand on August 31, 2007 at 2:43 PM PDT

We just voted and pushed the new Grizzly 1.6.0 binary. This release is another community release and thanks to everyone who collaborated to our discussions and phone meetings.


This new release contains:

  • Add a new property to enable pipelined message execution using the same ProtocolChain.

  • Optimize the ReadFilter to delegate control as soon as bytes are available.
  • Refactor the SelectionKeyHandler to associate allow one per SelectorHandler
    instead of one per Controller.

  • Port SSL/Handshake fix from Grizzly 1.0 [GlassFish Issue 1710/3476]
  • Port maxKeepAliveRequests fix from Grizzly 1.0 [GlassFish Bug 6597297]
  • Add support for japex
  • UDP: register SelectionKey just for corresponding events: OP_READ for read(), OP_WRITE for write()
  • Expose client side TCP configuration
  • Expiring of SelectionKeys should not be mandatory [Issue 21]
  • tcpNoDelay needs to be explicitly assigned on the Connector [Issue 22]
  • bugfix: when SelectorThread is being initialized in one thread (preSelect called) it's possible that connect() method is called from other, so 2 different
    opConnectToRegister instances created -> connection will never be done

  • Improve Rails integration
  • Added NetBeans IDE 6.0 SQE Plug-in tutorial.
  • Allow the configuration of the ByteBuffer type associated with the
    WorkerThreadImpl created by the DefaultPipeline.

  • Extend the ByteBufferFactory to allow the creation of all the different
    ByteBuffer Type

  • Deprecate SelectionKeyHandler register/expire interface to fix issue 21.
  • SSLConnectorHandler read operation returns not flipped ByteBuffer.
  • Fixed SSLReadFilter to be able to process chunked secured data, which comes
    during several main Selector cycles

We still have tons of new things to add, but this release is quite impressive! Also, this release contains pre-packaged bundles:

Have fun with the bear! You can also browse the code online to learn how the monster look like..


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