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JRuby on Rails on Grizzly in 3 steps, Grizzly 1.0.17 released

Posted by jfarcand on September 4, 2007 at 12:12 PM PDT

Grizzly's committer Takai Naoto blogged about 3 simple steps to start your JRuby on Rails application using Grizzly 1.6. This is impressive to see how easy it least for me :-)! More info here.

As GlassFish v2 will soon FCS (Hiya!), I've just uploaded the latest Grizzly runtime used in v2, namely Grizzly 1.0.17. You can download it here. 1.0.17 is the final and latest release for Grizzly 1.0. All active developments will now happen under the 1.6 umbrella...unless the community wants more development on that branch!

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