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Customizing GlassFish v2 with 23 unpublished properties.

Posted by jfarcand on October 4, 2007 at 12:14 PM PDT

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I tuned my GlassFish with your advise from another post about Grizzly tuning for JVM. not from this post.

@pccontac168 Really sorry I

@pccontac168 Really sorry I guess didn't send me your first post. Next time post it on of tweet it to @project_grizzly or @jfarcand

I am using glassfish v2u2 on AMD 4200 with 3GRAM I wrote a simple web-service which response the total request count(a integer) in my local LAN environment. I tested the environment on Windows XP SP3 with just tuned my heap size to 1G. I used SOAPUI to test the concurrent access withe 0 delay. I used 2 clients with SOAPUI to access the same web-service on the same time. I could get about 800 request/response for each client.(my client CPU usage reach 100% then I could not increase anymore) The network usage for the client is only about 12%, for the server is only about 25% and CPU for the server reach about 99%. That means total 1600. I used the same client but switch the same server with CentOS 5.2 installed with GlassFish(SunApplicationServer Ed. 9.1). No matter I used 1 or 2 clients to connect to the server at the same time, the total request/response I can get is about 600 only. I even tuned my server with your advise, but the result is the same. My server's network usage is only about 1.7Mbit/s. I am wondering is the problem arise from the Linux, my networking environment or the GlassFish(Grizzly) limitation on CentOS? Or I have to configured anything I missed? I really appreciate your help. Best Regrads, Eric I

is it possible to set these variables with asadmin?
Thorleif Wiik

I am assuming you are showing the defaults. Or more specifically what is the default for enableSnoop?